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Bring amazing culinary experiences to your home.
Chef Mark Tafoya presenting for a crowd

ReMARKable Palate
Personal Chef Service


Whatever your event or occasion, ReMARKable Palate serves you with just the right touch. Chef Mark Tafoya and his team bring years of experience to making your day, night, or experience memorable.

Serving New York City, NJ, CT and surrounding areas.

Crab and Avocado timbales with tobiko roe
A gorgeous dining table set for a sumptuous feast
Sweet Mont Blanc desserts
Poached Pears with raspberry coulis and chocolate sauce
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Organizing a party?
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With years of experience in entertaining, Chef Mark and his team handle every aspect of making a memorable event. Click below for a free download of all the essential elements of putting together an amazing party!

Assortment of crostini: Tomato & basil bruschetta, Wild mushroom & rosemary, and cannelini & sage
Chef Mark Tafoya of ReMARKable Palate Personal Chef Service

Meet Chef Mark

Mark C. Tafoya is a New York City personal chef. He is also a world traveler and self-taught gourmand.


A graduate of Yale University and a former Broadway actor, his love of travel and food has taken him around the world. He hopes to share his love of world cuisine with you!

Click below to hear a short interview with Chef Mark on the Podcast Business News Network:

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Everybody's talking about the newest social media sensation, Clubhouse! Chef Mark hosts weekly conversations about the Personal Chef industry, cooking and world cuisines. 

Listen & chat with Chef Mark Tafoya on Clubhouse

Work Practices

Please Note: in light of the COVID-19 situation in the world, I'm taking extra precaution to keep my clients safe during this time. I am fully vaccinated. As a Serv-Safe Certified Food Handler, I ALWAYS take great care to follow all industry standards and guidelines for food safety, but in addition, I will take the following steps upon entering your premises:

I will immediately wash my hands and face and wear a mask.

I will bring a change of fresh clothing and shoes to wear inside your home

I will wash fruits and vegetables and disinfect containers

Personal Chefs tend to wash our hands 10-15 times per hour on a normal day. You can rest assured that I will continue to do so!

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