Enjoy a fun afternoon improving your cooking skills in the privacy of your own space, and enjoy the food you make afterwards!

Cooking Lessons

Have you always wanted to hone your cooking skills in the comfort of your own home? Improve your knife skills or learn how to make pasta at home? Perhaps you love to cook, but want to explore a new cuisine, or improve your basic skills. We can design a customized lesson just for you, or create an interactive event for you and a group of friends that culminates in a dinner where you enjoy the dishes you yourself have made!

Knife Skills
Deboning Fish
Braising Meats
Seafood Cookery
Perfect Pastry 
Sous-Vide Cooking
Gluten Free Cooking Class
Making Fresh Pasta
Stocks and Sauces
Sushi 101
Tamale Fiesta 
And more...

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