Personal Chef Service

ReMARKable Palate Personal Chef Service provides fine home cuisine, makes your life easier, and frees up time and effort for more important things in your life. I serve all of New York City and the surrounding NY Metro area.

I will plan your menus, shop for the freshest ingredients, and prepare your meals fresh in your kitchen. When you get home, your freezer and refrigerator will be filled with individually packaged, labeled meals complete with heating instructions.

Your kitchen is left clean and tidy, and you will find a proposed menu for your next service along with your prepared meals!

The greatest thing about the Personal Chef Service is that everything is customized for YOU. Your tastes and dietary needs are what drives each custom designed menu. If you have household members with different tastes, I can design the menu to include dishes for everyone.

What’s more, no dishes will be repeated for at least six months unless you specifically request it!

Special Diets


I am well versed in numerous specialty diets, and can adapt your menus to fit with your needs. I myself have eaten a special diet for years to proactively support my gut health, as I have Crohn’s disease. After years of eating the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.), I shifted to an autoimmune protocol that dramatically improved my health. I am especially sensitive to the needs of people who are suffering and looking to create balance, and to move you from suffering to wellness and thriving! I can work with your Doctor, Functional Medicine Specialist, Dietician or Nutritionist to create menus that fit with whatever protocol they recommend for you.

Gluten Free
Plant Paradox
Whole 30
Autoimmune Protocol